Hello all you rainy day people,

It really started to feel like fall last Friday. Grey, chilly, rainy… a ‘hot cup of tea’ kind of day. Good thing I saved the stash of darjeeling earl grey teapigs tea from my awesome BlogPodium 2016 swag bag. But a hot cup of tea is so much nicer with a little treat beside it. I’d been eyeing this Apple Crisp Cookie recipe for, like, forever, from Sabrina’s blog, Dinner, Then Dessert  but I only had a couple apples on hand. What to do? Peaches!… I did have a whole bunch of peaches! Definitely not in season in my neck of the woods but my daughter loves them and convinced me to pick some up. So peaches took the place of apples and I had myself 24 lovely Peach Crisp Cookies instead. I’m still planning on making the Apple Crisp Cookies one of these days but maybe you’ll beat me to it. If you decide to make Peach Crisp Cookies just use Apple Crisp Cookie and substitute 5 peaches for the 5 apples. 

Don’t forget to do something fun today!