Someone once said “write about what you know” but I don’t really like to write – I’m not exactly the ‘journalling’ type. What I do like is to learn about stuff, lots of different stuff… I mean, it’s a huge world out there. Documentaries, non-fiction, podcasts – can I get a ‘hell ya!’

Making stuff is super fun too. Even if it ends up looking like shit, worthy of a Pinterest fail photo. Doesn’t matter, I still think it’s fun, and rewarding, because you learn something, even if it’s just “don’t touch the business end of a hot glue gun when it’s plugged in.”

My other ‘thing’… collecting and sharing information. Probably why I do love Pinterest so much and the reason I no longer bookmark anything (I can never find it again – too many bookmarks). Seriously, I love information so much I got my master’s degree in it  – shout out to the Faculty of Information at U of T!

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, start a blog I guess? A blog where I can save all of my collected information and maybe one day someone will get something out of it. Or not. Whatever. At least I know my daughter will read it – one day she’ll want to know more about ‘my kinda weird’ and whether it’s an inherited trait.

Introverted, fun-loving, shit-disturber, who loves all things suspicious, and cute.

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